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Introduction to the Partner Schools

Welcome to the American Crew Partner School Program. In addition to believing that the American Crew Method is the greatest way to cut hair for men, we also recognize it as an outstanding stepping stone on your journey to becoming a well-rounded stylist for both men and women.


This pre-assessment will help you understand what you already know about cutting men\’s hair and where you can continue to learn.

The Shampoo Experience

Every salon will have its own shampoo procedure, but we\’ll explore a few general steps. Become Familiar with these techniques and you\’ll be able to adapt them to fit your future salon.

Consulting Your Clients

Consultation consists of four steps: Introduction, Investigation, Inspection, and Information. This is your opportunity to combine your client\’s preferences with your knowledge and experience.


Before you can master cutting men\’s hair, you\’ll have to master the tools we use to create these men\’s hairstyles.

Fundamentals 1

All of the hairstyles of the American Crew Method share the same five basic steps.

Strategy and Head Sheets

In this section, we\’ll review head sheets and strategy sheets to make sure you are always prepared and putting your best foot forward.