American Crew Partner School Program

Since 1994, American Crew has molded the men’s grooming industry. American Crew educators are experts in the American Crew method of cutting, advocates for men’s style, and champions for the most important men’s grooming tool: American Crew products.

We share American Crew’s method through many avenues, including the American Crew Partner School Program. This partnership school program has been assisting in the development of hairdressers for five years and will continue for many more, educating students around the world. We are the experts in men’s grooming. We are a team of educators famous all over the world, and we are the brand that men’s stylists trust. We define the latest styles, and we help you deliver them.

Upon completion of this program, you will have obtained the ability to use our method to offer competency in all lengths of style. You will be able to get all clients’ hair to function better and last longer. And you will also increase your ability to successfully communicate in a professional manner to better understand and meet any client’s growing needs, make him comfortable, and continually add to your professional relationship.

Welcome to the American Crew Partnership School Program.

Feel free to explore this site and all the information and resources it contains. If you are looking for a good spot to get started, head over to the Videos page and watch the Partner School Program Trailer video.

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